Behind The Scenes Of A Provider

So, you want to know all of my secrets do you? Well, I will share them with you but only if you can keep a secret. The truth is, I never imagined myself becoming an escort. I’m sure none of the girls imagined themselves pursuing this endeavor either, escort providers but I can only speak for myself. And I hate to break it to you, but I’ll be revealing myths that you might have preconceived.

The truth is, what you meet behind closed doors is very real. You may not know my real name, but my story is very much real. Most men think we are carrying out some sort of fantastical character that’s meant to fulfill a fantasy. On a certain level that is true, some girls are innately dominating, some girls perfectly portray that girl-next-door persona or some girls are fascinating and exotic. We are all presenting a more amplified version of ourselves. When you ask us about who we really are, we might change the city and state – but the details are real. It’s truly all in the details. And yes, I have shared my real name.

How did I get started in the first place? Adventure. Fantasy. Rebellion. Travel. Risk. Mystery. Passion. And yes, money. Myth: no one ever does this because they have to. I was just about to finish graduate school and was going to pursue a career as a writer. I wanted to ensure that I could take care of myself financially, so I started perusing the internet. I saw an ad online for models, and it turned out to be much more than I anticipated.

What does an average day for us look like? It’s so much more mundane than you could ever imagine. The agency gives us a status on what appointments we have and who we will be seeing that day. Myth: we are not seeing dozens of clients everyday. Although I did hear of a girl who wanted to see how many orgasms she could have in a day. That of course, is an exception. When you feel like you are being rushed out the door because you think there is another client on the way, that is simply a myth. Our time is invaluable and it is important that we ensure it is honored. Much of my downtime was spent studying for exams, reading books, watching CNN and exploring the city. Sometimes I would treat myself to a little room service! And yes, we are always taking baths and showers all throughout the day. We would ask you to do the same!

Is it all fake? No, not at all. I have never met a single individual who walked through that door who wasn’t looking for a true connection. And that is very mutual for the girls you meet. I have had the pleasure to meet fascinating people who share similar interests or who have taught me things about the world. I have also had incredible sex. It truly shaped me into who I am today and developed true friendships over my time as an escort. Myth: it is very much real.

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