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5 Ways You can be a Dream Client

Escort Sex in Boston

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time visiting an escort client escort client, there are some key qualifications you need to have in order to be a dream client. The truth of the matter is, client escort client the outcome of our experience together is wholly dependent on the two parties involved. We at Boston International go above and beyond to make sure that your time with us is as memorable as possible. Once you leave, we want to make sure that you’ll be thinking about us until the next time. Every escort does it differently, but I had a very specific regimen that created an ambiance that was warm and romantic.Boston Escorts client escort client.

Each morning, I would wake up in my room and play a game of cat and mouse with the cleaning ladies. I would wait until their cart full of treasures was unattended so I could run out and steal warm towels and toiletries. I made sure that every time a client arrived at my room, the bathroom was always stocked with all of the necessities. Since I was a student at the time, my room was a hurricane of pens, paper, post-its and textbooks. An hour before any appointment, I would pour myself a glass of wine and start the process. I would put all of my school supplies away, make the bed, step into the shower for a quick rinse, touch-up my makeup, brush my hair, throw on some sexy lingerie with a cute dress and voila! The transformation has been made. My finishing touches: a few candles, pulled curtains and the Ella Fitzgerald playlist on Spotify.

It doesn’t take much, but every effort makes a world of difference. Here are 5 easy steps to being an escort’s dream client come true.

Get To Know Us
That may sound incredibly simple, but it really does make a difference. It can be as easy as giving our bio a read before your visit or actually remembering that you have seen us before. We love getting to know interesting, passionate individuals from all walks of life. That’s one of the most intriguing parts of becoming an escort in the first place. Besides, a sense of intimacy has never made for a worse experience.

Take A Shower
When we offer you the chance to take one, please do so. As an escort, we make sure that we are the fresh-faced, blossoming flower you expect when we open that door. As a woman, getting ready is half the fun anyways! Every girl’s worst nightmare is leaning in for the first kiss and getting whiff of your gym socks. If you aren’t keen on taking one there, do so anywhere else and just let us know you already have. Otherwise, go ahead… there’s fresh towels in there for you (I almost got caught stealing them).

Give A Gift
It might not mean much to you, but a thoughtful gift or tip is more than greatly appreciated. You might find this more appropriate when you get to know a girl a little better, but what woman doesn’t love perfume, chocolates or flowers? I got to know a particular client quite well and we both have an affinity for literature. Every time I saw him, he would bring me a different book and we would spend some time talking about it. If you had an exceptional experience, don’t be afraid to let us know by leaving a little behind.

Watch The Clock
This is a major misconception clients have about the entire process: we are not running you out the door because another client is on their way. This is simply not how we designate our schedules… besides, a girl needs plenty of time to get dressed and look her best! The fact is, our time is very valuable and it is important that we stick to our schedule. When you’re having fun, going a few minutes over is just fine. But 10 minutes turns into 20, and then before you know, it you are 40 minutes over. That is why we are very particular about timing. Please be considerate, because time flies.

Add To Friends?
If you like us, visit us again. Nothing is more flattering than becoming someone’s “regular” client. Honestly, I have made true friendships with the people I have met during my time as an escort. Actually, one of my clients was so impressed by me, he offered me freelance work at his tech firm, which I contribute to this day. Of course, you should only reveal as much as you want and do what feels comfortable. However to be the ultimate dream client, you’ll have to see us again and again. Come and knock on our door.